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Three AC Sounds You Can’t Ignore in Knoxville, TN

In Knoxville, TN, summers are scorching and humid, so having an HVAC system is important to your home’s comfort. However, discomfort arises when your AC system gets so noisy that it is distracting you. Here are sounds your AC makes that you can’t ignore and what they mean.

1. The Squealing Noise

If your AC system makes a high-pitched squeal sound, chances are the compressor is experiencing high internal pressure. High internal pressure can cause the compressor sensor to turn off the AC.

If this doesn’t happen and you hear a squealing sound, you should turn off your AC quickly. Consider calling an HVAC expert to come and take a look at your heating and cooling system. However, a slight squealing sound can occur briefly when you turn the system on in some scenarios and is not necessarily dangerous.

2. A Buzzing Noise

If your air conditioner is producing a buzzing or vibrating sound, you are most likely dealing with electrical or loose parts in your system. A buzzing sound is significant to a couple of issues that may be affecting your HVAC, including:

  • Circuit breaker issues if your system is using more amps than normal
  • Debris filling up in your units
  • A dirty condenser coil
  • A worn-out air filter
  • A damaged blower
  • Refrigerant leaks that freeze up your system

Buzzing noises can often end up in accidents if not handled properly. Therefore, hire an HVAC technician to repair your buzzing system.

3. A Banging Noise

Your heating and cooling system tends to make a banging or thumping noise if something is wrong with the blower or motor. An unbalanced blower and loose motor will make your system run with the banging sound. The sound can get louder once the system starts running the blower.

Another common cause of the banging sound can be loose parts such as a crankshaft or a connecting rod. We advise you to contact an HVAC professional for repairs.

A noisy AC system is a sure invite to having your air conditioning system get a maintenance visit. Hire Melton Heating and Air Conditioning experts to repair or install a new HVAC system for your home.

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