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The Forgotten V in HVAC: Everything You Need to Know About Ventilators

The V in HVAC stands for ventilation and is crucial for maintaining a healthy circulation of air. The ventilator exchanges stale air inside your home with fresh air from the outside. Read on to learn what ventilators are and how they benefit your Knoxville, TN, home.

What Are Ventilators?

You’re probably familiar with the heating and cooling aspect of your HVAC system but overlook the ventilation. Your modern Knoxville, TN, home has excellent insulation, meant to increase comfort and conserve energy. Unfortunately, the insulation prevents pollutants from escaping, and it could be a problem if it were not for the ventilator in your HVAC system.

The ventilator ensures that you get rid of pollutants such as dust and dirt out of your home. Keep in mind that the ventilator does so without interfering with the conditioned air.

Control of Moisture

Too much moisture inside your home encourages bacterial growth, which affects the quality of indoor air. It also leads to damages to your dry walls and rotting of wood. To control the amount of moisture, you need a ventilator for sufficient airflow.

Ventilators control the amount of humidity by bringing fresh air from outside and removing the excess moisture from your living space. Additionally, moisture levels below the recommended amount may reduce your comfort.

Reduced VOCs

VOCs are among the most common air pollutants in homes, and they arise from varnishes, paint and other chemicals. Too much exposure to volatile organic compounds results in health problems such as headaches and breathing difficulties. A ventilator will reduce the concentration of the VOCs by allowing proper circulation of air.

Ventilators Stop Negative Pressure

In case the pressure inside your home is less than the one outdoors, then a backdraft occurs. This means that the outside air gets pulled into your home to make up for the negative pressure. Such scenarios lead to cold drafts during winter.

Additionally, negative pressure poses a health risk when combustion gases such as carbon monoxide get pulled down the chimney. Consider investing in proper ventilators to balance the indoor pressure with the outdoor pressure.

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