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3 Signs of a Bad AC Pressure Switch in Oak Ridge, TN

An air conditioner functions with both low-pressure and high-pressure areas. Both have a pressure switch that helps balance refrigerant on both sides. A bad pressure switch can damage the air conditioner and lead to a complete breakdown over time. Here are some signs of a bad AC pressure switch in Oak Ridge, TN, so you can identify and address the problem as soon as possible:

Frequent Cycling

A bad air conditioning pressure switch results in short cycling, which is when your system turns on and off frequently before completing a cycle. This stems from faulty communication between the pressure switch and air conditioner, resulting in more energy consumption with higher energy bills. In addition, the indoor air temperature isn’t maintained at the ideal level according to the thermostat, leading to an uncomfortable environment.

Unusual Noises From the Air Conditioner

A faulty AC pressure switch often causes strange sounds when the system runs, and they require prompt attention to prevent more significant issues. One sound is rattling, which usually comes from the pressure switch vibrating against the main AC system compartment. A squealing or high-pitched noise is also a sign of a failing pressure switch.

AC System Failure

Some air conditioning pressure switch issues lead to a complete equipment failure. This typically happens before your system overheats or trips your circuit breaker. With a pressure switch replacement service, the equipment may once again work fine.

If your compressor gets damaged, the AC repair will be much costlier. Replacing your AC system may be more cost-effective in the long run, particularly if you have an older air conditioner.

Through an AC system inspection, you’ll benefit from accurate information about the cause of your equipment issue and learn how to address the matter. Melton Heating and Air provides fast, quality AC repair services, so contact us today.

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