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Deciding Whether To Repair Heat Pump

Should I Repair or Replace My Knoxville, TN, Heat Pump?

If you’ve continuously utilized your heat pump, you’ve undoubtedly pondered when it’s time to replace it. Regular maintenance can help extend your pump’s lifespan, but eventually, you’ll still need to replace it. Read on for information to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your heat pump in Knoxville, TN.

System Age

If your heating system is more than 10 years old, consider replacing it. After that point, the efficiency of your heat pump will likely deteriorate, even with quality maintenance. If your pump is older and you see your energy expenses rise, it’s better to upgrade the unit instead of repair it.

Cost of Repairs

Most Knoxville, TN, homeowners question when a heat pump repair becomes more expensive than it is worth. A repair is generally considered cost-efficient as long as it is under half the price of a new heating system. If it’s less expensive to get an entirely new heat pump, consider replacing it.

Rising Energy Bills

If you’ve discovered that you’re spending more every month to heat your house, it’s an indication that you may profit from heating replacement. New heating systems are substantially more efficient than older types due to advancements in heating technology. By replacing it, you won’t only prevent costly repairs, but you’ll also experience a reduction in your utility bills.

Inconsistent Heating

If your heating system continues to have uneven heating issues despite multiple repairs, it’s time to replace it. Outdated and badly maintained heating systems are more prone to have difficulties with inconsistent heating.

Whether you want your heat pump repaired or replaced entirely, we can help. Call Melton Heating and Air Conditioning for all your heat pump repair, heating replacement and air conditioning installation needs. You deserve to be comfortable all year round. We can help you.

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