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Is Your Furnace’s Blower Motor Failing in Clinton, TN?

The blower motor is responsible for blowing conditioned or heated air in your home through the vents. These blower motors either have direct drives, which connect directly to the blower wheel of the furnace, or belt drives, which have a motor pulley that connect the fan pully to a shaft to turn the blower motor wheel. If any of the components of the furnace’s blower motor in your Clinton, TN, home has a problem, you’ll see the following signs.

1. Weak Airflow

If your blower motor starts failing, the fan fails to distribute conditioned or heated air. Weak airflow can be a sign of a clogged or malfunctioning motor. Dirt and dust that accumulates in the motor for a long time can cause clogging, which impedes the functioning of the motor.

Weak airflow does not always indicate a malfunctioning motor as leaky air ducts, and clogged vents can also obstruct airflow. An HVAC professional can inspect the entire system to identify the problem.

2. Increase in Energy Bills

The blower motor is one of the components of the HVAC system that consumes a lot of energy. Variable speed motors are more energy efficient as they do not consume energy starting and stopping constantly. If a variable speed motor is clean but still consumes a lot of energy, there is s chance that the motor is old and worn out.

If the blower is dirty, it works harder to push air through the vents, and this results in the blower motor consuming more energy. However, an increase in energy bills can also indicate the presence of leaky ducts, so let a professional inspect the system to make that determination.

3. Strange Noises and Smells Coming From the Furnace

Strange noises from the furnace may be an indication of damaged bearings in the direct drive system or belt problems in a belt driven system. Knocking sounds can indicate broken parts that knock on the sides of the furnace. Some issues are easier to fix while others require motor replacement.

A burning smell coming from the furnace may be an indication of overheating. Call our Melton Heating and Air Conditioning professionals in Clinton, TN, for air conditioning, heating services, air quality and home automation services.

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