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How to Control the Humidity in Your Knoxville, TN, Home

Summers in Knoxville, TN, often get quite humid. Try these tips to keep your indoor humidity levels low and improve your comfort during the hottest months of the year.

Run Your Air Conditioner

Even if the outdoor temperature isn’t hot, you can benefit from running your air conditioner if outdoor humidity levels are high. Central air conditioners will take a significant portion of the humidity out of your indoor environment. However, if your house still feels sticky, you’ll need more than your air conditioning unit.

Use a Dehumidifier

Consider adding a dehumidifier to your system. A whole-house dehumidifier will help you keep indoor humidity between an ideal level ranging between 30% and 50%. Adding a dehumidifier can make your home feel more comfortable, even if you keep a higher temperature on the thermostat.

Use Ventilation Properly

Put on the ventilation fan in your bathroom every time you take a shower and limit the amount of time you are in there to reduce the amount of humidity you create. Do laundry and other tasks that create humidity in the evening when there is less water in the air. Also, make sure these areas are properly vented.

Get Preventive Maintenance

A dirty HVAC system doesn’t work as well, which means it won’t take as much humidity out of your home. Annual preventive maintenance will ensure that it will cool and remove humidity properly.

The experts at Melton Heating and Air Conditioning can keep you comfortable all year long. Contact us today to learn about our top-notch indoor air quality services or to schedule an appointment. Our team will provide you with timely indoor air quality services and products. If you have questions about your home’s humidity levels, don’t hesitate to ask. At Melton Heating and Air Conditioning, you and your family’s comfort is a priority.

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