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Common Warning Signs That Your Knoxville, TN, Furnace Is Failing

Keeping tabs on your furnace is one of the single most important things you can do as a homeowner. It’s always ideal to watch out for the signs of failure before an emergency. Here are warning signs that indicate your furnace in Knoxville, TN, may be failing.

Expensive Utility Bills

Are your utility bills rising without a clear explanation? Your furnace could be the culprit. When damaged or running below its capacity, furnaces consume more electricity. This takes a toll on your furnace, and your bills will also rise.

Strange Smells

It’s normal to smell hints of the gas your furnace is using the first time you fire it up. However, if the smell persists after continuous usage, it’s time to seek out a professional HVAC technician. Strange smells could be a sign of system failure.

Start-Up Difficulty

If you’re having difficulty firing up your furnace, it probably needs a repair. After years of usage, wires could become disconnected and thermostats damaged. Replacing the wires is one way of resolving this issue.

Hot and Cold Spots

One of the common signs that your furnace needs repairs is its inability to heat all your rooms. If some spots are cold and others hot, it’s a signal that your furnace is losing heat somewhere else.

It could be a problem with the thermostat or leaking ductwork. Have an expert check the heating system for you.

Lingering Noises

Furnaces produce a small hum, but if yours is making loud and consistent noises, it could be a sign of serious damage. Reach out to our experts for help. The issue could be the fan or belt, or it could be loose or broken components.

Other warning signs to watch out for include poor quality of air, dust, dry air and thermostat problems. Whatever the case, don’t ignore these signs. Contact Melton Heating and Air Conditioning today if you suspect you need a furnace repair.

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