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5 Things That Are Impacting Your Indoor Air Quality

Fresh air is essential for good health and adequate comfort in your home. You can improve the air quality in your Knoxville, Tennessee, home by eliminating the following sources of indoor pollution:

1. Dirty Ductwork

Ducts collect toxins over time. Disease-causing microbes, dander, dust, pests, pollen and insect droppings can all be in the mix. These particles constantly circulate through your home and pollute the air you breathe. Ductwork cleaning and sealing removes toxins and freshens indoor air.

2. Grungy HVAC Equipment

After a full season of work, your HVAC collects a layer of grungy buildup. If left undisturbed, that dirty coating can go airborne and blow into your living space whenever the system is running. HVAC maintenance can solve the problem. Your equipment will get an in-depth cleaning, and the grubby film will be removed.

3. Obstructed HVAC Air Filters

Air filters are designed to catch airborne particles before they invade your HVAC and your living area. Running your system with a dirty filter can rapidly increase the concentration of indoor toxins. Replace filters every one to three months.

4. Humidity Levels Too High or Too Low

Indoor humidity should be between 30 and 50 percent. If it’s too low, it can cause dry, flaky skin, dry eyes and dry mucous membranes. High humidity can cause mold, mildew and musty odors. It can expose you to illnesses spread by pathogens that rapidly reproduce in hot and humid conditions.

5. Inadequate Ventilation

Many Knoxville homes have an airtight seal to prevent treated air from leaking out. However, insufficient ventilation increases the concentration of contaminants. Symptoms like nausea, fatigue, headache, coughing and shortness of breath may appear. A whole-house ventilator can resolve the issue.

Melton Heating and Air Conditioning can help to make your Knoxville home a healthier place. Call us at (865) 210-8942 to learn more about our indoor air quality products.

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