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ac unit behind shrubs

3 Ways to Hide Your Clinton, TN HVAC Unit and Increase Property Value

Are you concerned that your Clinton, TN, exterior HVAC unit will decrease the property value when you eventually sell your home? Proper landscaping improves a home’s resale value by as much as 25%. Learn tips and strategies that work to effectively hide your exterior HVAC unit and increase your home’s property value.

Use Grass Landscaping

If your yard already has lots of green features, then you can hide the AC unit by placing plants around it. Ornamental grasses like porcupine grass, switchgrass and silver grass are quality choices. Some grasses, such as Japanese silver grass, grow as high as six feet.

Make Use of Garden Hedges or Planters

One method is transplanting existing shrubs into the area near your system. You can also plant new shrubs and groom them over time.

A third approach is using tall planters. For example, you might position palm-tree planters in front of the HVAC unit.

If you already know your AC unit needs replacement, then hold off on covering it. Your HVAC service technician can install your new system in a covered area so it won’t be as visible.

Build a Fence

The kind of fencing to use for this purpose is open-slat or lattice-style. Solid vinyl or wood fence panels won’t allow enough air to circulate around and through your AC machine.

Important Tips

Don’t place trees, shrubs, tall-growing grass or fences too close to your air conditioner unit. Otherwise, you’ll restrict its airflow.

Make sure there are at least three feet of space around the entire HVAC system, so the adequate amount of airflow exists. Inspect periodically for any twigs, leaves or flowers that might be clogging the unit’s condenser coils and fins.

Don’t forget that visual inspections of your exterior AC unit aren’t enough when it comes to making sure it operates properly. We encourage you to call one of our friendly Melton Heating and Air Conditioning representatives. We’ll be happy to show you how our Comfort Club makes it easy to tune-up your AC unit each year.

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