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3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Home’s Air Filter

Changing the air filter regularly is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your air conditioner or heat pump. Here are a few key warning signs that it may be time to change or clean your filter.

You Haven’t Changed It In Some Time

As a rule, you should always clean or replace your AC air filter at the start of the cooling season and every one to three months during the season, depending on the type of filter. If you haven’t changed the filter in some time and you start to notice dust accumulating on the filter itself, it’s definitely time to change or clean it.

Your Unit Keeps Freezing Up

One of the problems caused by a dirty air filter is that it restricts airflow, which causes cold air to build up inside the unit. If those airflow problems persist, the air conditioner will eventually start freezing up, especially in the early morning or late evening when the outdoor temperature drops. If changing the filter doesn’t solve this problem, you might have a different issue such as a refrigerant leak.

You Have Indoor Air Quality Issues

A clean, properly functioning filter prevents dust and other contaminants from getting into the air in your home. The dirtier the filter gets, the less able it is to catch those contaminants, which means they end up in the air one way or another. Such indoor air quality issues are especially important if you have pets or if some members of your household have allergies or asthma.

Remember, when you change your filter, you need to get a replacement sized to fit your system from a factory authorized dealer, not a one-size-fits-all replacement from a hardware store. For more information, check out our air conditioning solutions online or call (865) 210-8942.

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