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3 Reasons You Should Let the HVAC Pros Handle AC Maintenance Tasks

Each spring and fall, your Clinton, Tennessee home’s cooling or heating system needs to have a tune-up. If you have a heat pump, it will need to have service twice each year, too. While it might be tempting to do your own AC maintenance tasks in order to save a few dollars, you could end up putting yourself and your system at risk. Here are three reasons why you should let our HVAC pros handle your AC maintenance tasks.

Avoid Injuring Yourself

Accessing, testing, and maintaining a complicated central air conditioning system requires specific knowledge, training, and tools. Attempting to do this yourself could result in injuries. During a maintenance visit, the HVAC technician also handles chemical refrigerants and tests electrical components. It’s best to leave these technical AC maintenance tasks to professionals.

Prevent Worse Air Conditioner Damage

HVAC technicians train for years, then they work under an experienced licensed technician until they have the skills to work independently. Trying to make your own repairs without this experience and knowledge could result in worse damage to your air conditioning system. By calling a professional to do your maintenance tasks in the first place, you can save both time and money.

Maintain Your Air Conditioning System’s Warranty

If something goes wrong during a DIY repair of your air conditioner, the manufacturer may void your warranty. Most air conditioning systems have a stipulation that maintenance must be performed by a licensed HVAC technician, explains the Institute for Indoor Air Quality. If a DIY repair also leads to damage to your house, such as from a poorly connected drain or wiring problem, your homeowner’s insurance might not pay any benefits to you. Maintenance performed by a trained technician ensures that your warranty conditions are met.

For more information about how these air conditioning maintenance tasks benefit your home, check out Melton Heating and Air Conditioning’s comfort club services page or call today.

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