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3 Bad Habits That Reduce Your HVAC System’s Lifespan

With winter coming to Knoxville, Tennessee, the last thing you need is for your HVAC system to suddenly quit. Unfortunately, your lifestyle could be slowly reducing the lifespan of your heating and cooling system. Fix these bad HVAC habits, and you’ll improve your system’s energy efficiency and maximize its lifespan.

Neglecting HVAC Maintenance

Nothing will preserve your HVAC system better than professional maintenance. Over time, the strain your system experiences while maintaining comfort in your home will wear down the system. Those issues will only exacerbate further strain, compounding the damage to your unit and reducing its lifespan. Scheduling professional maintenance at least twice a year will allow our technicians to catch smaller problems before those issues can reduce your unit’s lifespan.

Programming Your Thermostat Inefficiently

How you use your thermostat will ultimately determine how efficiently your HVAC system runs. As the temperature drops, it may be tempting to program your thermostat to keep your home toasty all day. However, the further your thermostat setting is from the temperature outside, the more strain your system will experience and the more its lifespan will drop. During the winter months, keep your temperature around 68 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re home. Program the thermostat to keep your home cooler while you’re gone.

Reducing Indoor Air Quality

Few people enjoy cleaning their home, but the lower your indoor air quality, the more you’re reducing your HVAC lifespan. Clutter, for example, can reduce HVAC airflow, straining the unit and reducing its lifespan. Dust and debris around vents and heat registers can also add to that strain. Cleaning your home regularly will free that airflow and prevent particles from being drawn into the system and further reducing its efficiency.

If you want your HVAC system to live to (or maybe past) its 10-to-15-year lifespan, then you’ll need to adjust your lifestyle to keep your system running efficiently. To maximize your HVAC lifespan with professional maintenance, call Melton Heating and Air Conditioning at 865-210-8942.

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