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The Science Behind UV Light Air Purification in Lenoir, TN

UV light air purifiers are effective at removing bacteria, viruses, spores and other harmful particles from the air. They employ advanced technology to help people stay safe and healthy in their homes, and that’s why they’re growing in popularity. Read on to learn how this approach to air purification works and how you can benefit from it in your Lenoir City, TN, home.

What Is a UV Light Air Purifier?

The average house contains many different kinds of bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) floating through the air. If you live in a city or have pets, the chances increase that you’ll encounter unhealthy particles, even if your HVAC system was correctly installed by a professional.

UV light air purifiers are appliances that can effectively remove such harmful particles from the air in your home. These devices emit UV-C light, which can eliminate bacteria and viruses on physical contact. They also get rid of dust mites and most other allergens.

How Does a UV Light Air Purifier Work?

UV light air purifiers work by emitting a high-intensity UV light that kills any bacteria or viruses it comes in contact with. When the light hits these particles, it penetrates the double-stranded DNA found in them.

This causes irreparable damage to the cells’ genetic material and eventually kills them. Since viruses depend on living cells for reproduction, this process works just as well with them, too.

Running a UV light air purifier can eliminate almost all harmful particles in your home air without causing any negative effects to the environment around you. It’s also worth noting that these appliances work best when placed in the HVAC system’s return duct or near the interior coils.

Are UV Air Purifiers Really Effective?

It’s true that UV air purifiers can deactivate microbes, but their effectiveness depends on a number of factors. First of all, it’s important to find out how well the UV light comes into contact with microbes and other pollutants. One of the reasons why you should only trust an expert to perform the installation is that they know how to maximize this contact.

Another thing that matters is how long the pollutant’s exposure to the UV light will be. The longer the exposure, the more effective your air purifier will be.

Lastly, you need to consider the dosage of light needed to deactivate the microorganisms. If your device is producing a high dosage of light, it will be more effective in eliminating bacteria and spores. This is because they are resistant to UV radiation to some extent.

Other Benefits of UV Light Purifiers

If you or anyone else in your home suffers from allergies, asthma or any other respiratory illness, UV light air purifiers would be a great addition to your home. They are extremely effective in ridding the air of most kinds of harmful particles that can cause distress or illness if inhaled too often.

Thankfully, since a UV filter kills bacteria and other microorganisms completely, the smell associated with these items also disappears. That leaves you with purer air and a fresher home.

Moreover, UV light purifiers don’t require any complicated maintenance or cleaning. The bulb will need to be replaced occasionally.

If you’re ready to give UV light air purifiers a try to boost your indoor air quality, we have the experts to speak with. Our technicians can help you find the right appliance to suit your needs and preferences. Contact Melton Heating and Air Conditioning today to learn more about our indoor air quality products and services.

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