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Wondering About Air Purifiers

How Are Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers Different in Oak Ridge, TN?

Air cleaners and air purifiers are often confused as the same indoor air quality solution. This is due to their similar appearance and intended uses. However, these two appliances are very different in many ways. Read on to learn how air cleaners and air purifiers in Oak Ridge, TN, differ.


Air cleaners filter air. They remove large particles like dust, smoke and pet dander. However, an air cleaner doesn’t eliminate air contaminants that could cause allergic reactions.

Air purifiers sanitize the air in the room and improve air quality. Therefore, they remove suspended biological contaminants and viruses.

You’ll want to buy an air filter to remove biological growth. A purifier will deactivate these growths that would cause respiratory problems.

Room Size

The room size would affect your choice of an air cleaner or air purifier. Sometimes, you may want to clean the air quality in a single room. Other times, you want the system to operate in the whole house.

Air cleaners are the ideal choice for the whole house. You can use air cleaners in conjunction with the HVAC system to clean the air in the whole house, and they have fans that would filter out smoke and dust particles.

Air purification works best in a single room. Therefore, you can use an air purifier in a specific room like a bedroom. It’ll deactivate bacteria and viruses suspended in the room, rendering the air more breathable.


When buying an air cleaning tool, it’s important to consider maintenance. You want an item that will save you cost while it’s in operation.

Most air cleaners use fans to trap smoke and dust particles. You’ll have to replace these fans as they clog after some time. The smoke and dust clog the fans, reducing efficiency.

It’s important to regularly replace these parts to avoid expensive purchases. It’s cheaper to replace these fans compared to buying a new unit.

Air purifiers, on the other hand, don’t use mechanical methods to sanitize the air. They use treatment technology like UV light to purify the air in the room. Therefore, you need less maintenance for these products.

Air cleaners are more expensive to maintain compared to purifiers. You have to replace fans more frequently compared to the silent air purifiers.

Noise Level

Air cleaners use fans to filter air. Therefore, they tend to be noisy and can be a poor choice when you want them in silent rooms like the bedroom.

Air purifiers are known to be silent. Their operations don’t involve mechanical movements. For instance, those utilizing UV germicidal lamps to remove impurities make no sound.

You can have a good night’s sleep using air purifiers. You can have the device at your bedside with no disturbance. Besides, operating a fan while sleeping is a health risk because it blocks skin pores and dries moisture.

Air Treatment Technology

Most air filters use HEPA filters. These help trap dust, dander and fur. Therefore, a filter is an essential item in an air filter. Also, you can use an active carbon filter to trap smaller particles like smoke and VOCs.

Air purifiers are more detailed in trapping pathogens and gases. Special techniques like UV light and electrostatic filters purify the air.

Which is the Better Option?

When it comes to choosing an air cleaner or air purifier, the better choice depends on your needs. You may be living in a dusty neighborhood or have pets. If so, you’d probably want to buy an air cleaner first to trap these particles.

If you have a household member with respiratory problems, you’ll need an air purifier. This will remove allergens and neutralize biological contaminants that could trigger respiratory problems for that person.

Interested in installing either an air cleaner or air purifier in your home? Call our team at Melton Heating and Air Conditioning to book an appointment for better indoor air quality.

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