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Everything You Need to Know About Heat Recovery in Oak Ridge, TN

During the winter season in Oak Ridge, TN, keeping warm is essential, and this can only get done by ensuring that the warm air stays inside the house. In general, this is what a heat recovery system does to ensure that you maintain a certain comfort level in your home. In this article, we discuss how heat recovery works and some of the benefits of this climate control system.

How Heat Recovery Works

For heat recovery to occur, you must have an efficient heat recovery system. Generally, a heat recovery system is excellent in recovering heat because it has ventilation located at a building’s roof. Ideally, the system works by extracting heat from the air outside. It passes the heat to the air that’s flowing inside the house.

The use of a heat recovery system is a unique way of generating heat in your home during winter for various reasons. Firstly, it makes use of what is already there since it simply extracts heat from the indoor air. Secondly, it also helps with conserving the environment by controlling the amount of heat lost to the environment.

A heat recovery system has ventilation valves containing filters, which help purify the air entering the system. The system allows the air to enter its pipes, and it also allows the air coming from outside to enter the pipes through its other ducts. However, when the two forms of air enter the heat recovery system, they don’t mix.

The heat transfers from the indoor air to the fresh outdoor air coming in. When the heat leaves the indoor air, the air releases into the atmosphere.

Heat Recovery Boosts Ventilation

Most of the time, the indoor air quality in many households is usually stuffy due to poor ventilation. At times, the poor indoor air quality gets associated with aggravating the symptoms of conditions like asthma, for instance.

A heat recovery system helps improve indoor air quality because it improves ventilation. It does this by releasing the indoor air into the atmosphere and bringing in the outdoor air.

Heat Recovery Is Friendly to the Environment

A heat recovery system doesn’t use mechanisms that may cause harm to the environment. It simply takes in fresh air surrounding the building and replaces it with heatless indoor air. In truth, it helps conserve the environment because it helps air circulate the building.

The technology revolving around the heat recovery system is always improving. As such, it’s progressively becoming more environmentally friendly every day.

Heat Recovery Saves on Energy Bills

During winter in Oak Ridge, TN, a heat recovery system is the best way to keep your house warm while at the same time conserving energy. This is because of the simplicity of the heat recovery system compared to other modes of heating your home during winter. It only uses a ventilation system to allow in the fresh air and makes it warm to keep your house as comfortable as possible.

Low Maintenance Costs

Just like any other type of electrical equipment, a heat recovery system requires maintenance. Fortunately, the cost of maintaining this equipment is relatively lower when compared to the cost of maintaining other heat-generating equipment. Ideally, the only major maintenance task you will have to do is replace the filters.

In a real sense, the frequency of replacement is ideal since you only have to replace the filter twice in one year. The filters also come at reasonably low prices.

Heat Recovery Efficiently Maintains Comfort Levels

Impressively, heat recovery systems can reduce the amount of heat they recover if the room is slightly warm. It ensures that your home maintains a certain comfort level without the temperatures rising too high.

A heat recovery system is essential in keeping your house comfortable. Contact Melton Heating and Air Conditioning in Oak Ridge, TN, today for excellent comfort control systems. Our team will discuss the benefits of heat recovery systems.

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