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6 Ways to Maximize Indoor Comfort in Your Oak Ridge Home This Fall

Toward the beginning of fall in Tennessee, the weather tends to be beautiful. It’s not uncommon for it to snow before winter comes around. Regardless of the weather outside, though, you can maximize your indoor comfort. A new thermostat, furnace maintenance, and changing the air filter regularly are a few ways you can improve your indoor comfort in your Oak Ridge, Tennessee, home this fall.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve indoor comfort this fall. With this type of thermostat, you can create a heating schedule that complements your lifestyle. You can set the thermostat to turn down the heat when you’re away from home and turn it up when you return. By keeping the house at a more moderate temperature when you aren’t there, this reduces wear and tear on the furnace and helps save money on heating expenses. You can also improve your comfort by installing a smart thermostat. It learns your behavior and adjusts the temperature automatically to meet your needs.

Change the Air Filter

The air filter on your furnace works to protect the blower fan. It keeps dust and other debris and grime from building up on the fan and other parts of the HVAC system. Plus, because it filters the dust, dirt, and other debris, this helps improve the air quality in your home. Cleaner air can reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, which is a great way to improve indoor comfort this fall.

Most furnace manufacturers will explain in the unit’s manual how often to change the air filter. Typically, this will be every 30 or 60 days. You can also tell whether the filter needs to be changed by holding it up to the light. If light passes through the filter, it doesn’t need to be changed. If you can’t see any light passing through it, this means you need to change it because the filter is dirty and clogged.

Invest in Regular Maintenance

Investing in professional HVAC maintenance is another important way to maximize comfort in your home. Ideally, a certified HVAC tech will come to your house at least twice a year, once at the end of the cooling season and again at the end of the heating season. The technician will inspect the entire system to ensure all parts are clean and working as they should. Pinpointing problems in the HVAC system and repairing them as soon as possible is the best way to increase HVAC efficiency and keep your units working as long as possible.

Improve Humidity Control

If your home has high humidity levels, this is going to make it feel much warmer than it is. Low humidity levels can lead to dry, chapped skin. Fortunately, with a dehumidifier and humidifier, you can easily control the humidity in your home. Some HVAC units even have dehumidifiers and humidifiers built directly into them. If you’re upgrading your HVAC system, make sure to shop for ones that feature humidity control.

Use Ceiling Fans

Another simple way to improve indoor comfort this fall is to turn on the ceiling fans. Turning on the ceiling fans will improve air circulation. Good air circulation is important for preventing hot and cold spots throughout the house. With a home that’s evenly heated, your comfort level improves. Also, even heating reduces how much energy the HVAC system consumes.

Open the Windows

Lastly, since you live in Tennessee, you may enjoy comfortable weather through November. When the temperature is comfortable outside, this makes for a great time to open the windows and shut off the HVAC system. As the air inside your home circulates with air from the outside, this can improve indoor air quality and comfort levels at the same time.

Contact Melton Heating and Air Conditioning at 865-210-8942 to speak with an HVAC tech about maximizing indoor comfort this fall through Comfort Club, our preventive HVAC maintenance plan.

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