Comfort Club

Our maintenance agreement program is called “Safety & Reliability Agreement” (SRA) and is currently $75 for one visit or $130 for two visits. It covers and / or includes the following:

  • Check refrigerant operating pressures
  • Compare power consumption (amp draws) on motors and compressors against name plate ratings
  • Clean outdoor coils
  • Inspect indoor coils and brush clean (additional charges will apply if coil has to be removed for cleaning or is difficult to access, such as in attics or low crawl spaces)
  • Inspect filters
  • Inspect and test electrical components and wiring
  • Test and inspect safety and shutoff devices
  • Inspect drains and clean as needed
  • Test operating sequences and thermostat functions
  • Check gas burner operation and heat exchangers for wear and defects
  • Clean blower wheels and check balance
  • Measure temperature rise and drop
  • Customer receives a 15% discount on unscheduled repairs for one year
  • Customer receives priority service status over non-maintenance customers

Call today to join our Club.